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All of what we produce is sold out of our honor stand located across the road from 901 Hamblen Rd. Greenwood, MO 64034.

Initially we sold our products out of local retailers. However, after a year or two of doing this we were contacted by the state and informed that because we were selling wholesale to retailers it put us under commercial food processor regulations. While everything we use for processing is food grade stainless steel specifically made for honey processing and we’re sticklers on cleanliness, we’re simply too small to cover the overhead costs and required paperwork of an industrial food processor. I was informed that as long as we sold direct to the consumer we could continue to operate as the small producer we are. We’re too busy to spend weekends at farmers markets and thus the honor stand idea was born.

… an honor stand? Are you nuts? You’re going to get ripped off.

I heard it over and over. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as I built the stand. I told my wife if it didn’t work out I’d repaint it and convert it into a deer blind. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and has given us a renewed faith in our fellow man. We also enjoy speaking with customers as we refill the stand or they see me working the bees in both our Lee’s Summit and Greenwood apiaries.

2 thoughts on “Where to Buy

  1. Laurel Ashcroft

    What is an honor stand? What are your hours? Have been searching for local honey!!!!! Is yours raw? Many thanks, so happy you're doing well

    1. admin

      An honor stand is where you're on your honor to pay the respective amount for the respective product. The stand hours 24-7 until the honey is sold out. Normally I close the stand around New Years and open after the first harvest that's July 4th weekend. The honey is indeed raw. It's harvested and run through a mesh screen to remove bits of wax and other things that are created during the process. It's still got all of the pollen it started out with. I've got 2oz to 5lbs containers of honey in there as well as beeswax candles and soap. I'm currently sold out of comb honey but I'll be harvesting the last of my comb honey this weekend. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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